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3-Day Hands-On Training Course

This intensive course builds on and enhances the materials covered in the Home Study Course.  Students will attend classroom instruction in the morning the first two days and visit a different local home each day to work through an actual inspection in the afternoons.  We encourage you to have performed at least 2-3 practice inspections on your own prior to coming to class so that you can brush up on any areas with which you struggle.  Your instructor will be present to help guide you and answer questions as they come up.  On the third day, you will perform a full house inspection for examination in the morning and in the afternoon you will have a review session followed by a written exam for completion.

For most people with other commitments such as full-time work and family, we recommend a minimum of 6 weeks to complete the Home Study Course prior to attendance, to allow sufficient time for study.  There is no time limit so if you choose to take more time that is not a problem.

Our unique 3-day hands-on training course includes:

  • Oral and Visual Power Point Presentations enhancing Home Study Course
    • Electrical
    • HVAC
    • Plumbing
    • Structural Conditions
    • Crawl Spaces
    • Miscellaneous Conditions
  • Oral Marketing Presentation
  • Interactive time for questions and answers
  • 2 Instructor-led home inspections
  • Final exam includes written test and practical exam

Our current fee for this course is $995 (includes $100 coupon for Structural Pests and Dry Rot Inspection 1-Day Course).

Class location:  Klamath Falls, Oregon

Class dates:  Fall 2019.

Check out the information about our home study course in the meantime!