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What is the best way to learn?

Many educators recognize that different people learn in a variety of styles. In order to offer the training which will be most successful for the widest variety of students, our certification courses are offered both in home-study format and in an instructor-led format.

The best thing about combining the Home Study course with the 3-Day Hands-on training is this: students have the benefit of self-study with reading, visual learning with the DVD’s, and also physical learning with the in-class field work. Nathan is an experienced home inspector who has performed literally thousands of inspections and the class topics remain up-to-date as Nathan still performs inspections. Of course we realize that each student is unique and will bring a different level of previous experience to the class, but we consistently receive positive feedback from all students and we are especially gratified by one student’s feedback of the Home Study Course: he said, “the information I did at home was essential for success during the class. I felt really well prepared.” A comment one student made specific to the 3-Day Course noted that the class was “information-packed and well-presented.”