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Home Study Course

Our copyrighted training manual includes

  • Easy to follow “Steps To Success”
  • Software & tool recommendations
  • Over 100 hours of Self-Study Materials covering most (if not all) the technical areas of all the major components of homes
  • Exclusive content compiled from well over 15 years of being in the business of teaching the home inspection profession
  • Our favorite publications
  • Marketing and business development information
  • Product recall information
  • Sample contracts for inspection services
  • Checklist Report with unlimited license

Additionally, we include 4 DVD’s with accompanying instruction about home inspections.

This is a complete course. When you have finished you are ready to seek licensing (if applicable to your location) and begin your new career as a professional home inspector.


Our current fee for this course is $495 (includes $200 coupon for 3-Day Hands-on Course).