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Our Course Authors & Trainers

C.I.T.’s courses were originally developed by Ron Cloyd. Ron is a dedicated educator and A.I.I.™ designated Lifetime Master Inspector. He has spent many years learning the necessary information to teach and certify students in the profession of performing home inspections. Ron has over 25 years teaching and inspection experience and has performed over 15,000 inspections. He has been an experienced custom homebuilder, a licensed Oregon Contractor, a licensed Oregon Certified Home Inspector and was elected Chairman of the Board for A.I.I™ (2001 – 2003).  His qualifications are as follows: Certified educator/instructor, trained & certified to perform Pre-Purchase Home Inspections, Structural Pests and Dry Rot Inspections, Commercial Inspections, and Earthquake Safety Inspections.

The course was further developed by Jeff Cloyd. Jeff received his Bachelor’s degree in Structural Engineering in 1996 and his Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering in 1997 and has been in the professional world as a licensed Structural Engineer since 1998. Jeff owns a structural engineering firm in Austin, Texas and routinely performs structural inspections for all types of construction projects from single-family homes to large commercial projects. Jeff has been certified by the American Institute of Inspectors® and the State of Oregon to perform Pre-Purchase Home Inspections and Structural Pests and Dry Rot Inspections. Jeff has been instrumental in developing C.I.T.’s training materials.

Enhancements have been further continued by the current instructor, Nathan Buckley, who is an A.I.I.™ Accredited Master Home Inspector. Nathan is dedicated to making sure each and every new inspector trainee receives the best possible training with intensive classroom instruction and quality hands-on inspecting while in the field each day of the 3-day hands-on training. Your success as a new inspector is our priority and is what C.I.T. does better than any other training company.