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Why Become A Home Inspector?

A long time ago, a wise man said, “In wisdom there are many counselors, and a wise man looks well into a matter.” Most people don’t have a trained eye to see all that a professional inspector sees, much less the time to thoroughly go through a home to inspect it. The professional home inspector can provide clients with this necessary information on which they can base their investment decision.

Television, newspapers and word-of-mouth have had great impact on public awareness, the increased liability for buyers and sellers of real estate, and the increasing need for highly-trained and exceptionally qualified home inspectors. With increased awareness comes the growing demand for experienced professionals to assist clients in making the decision to purchase a home.

For most of us, the purchase of a home is the single-largest investment we will ever make. Prior to making a major investment in a new or pre-owned house, growing numbers of prospective buyers are hiring professional home inspectors. With the inspection results come the potential to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars to pay for damage or needed repairs not previously discovered.  Routine maintenance information is also passed on to the buyers through the report and at the on-site review that our inspectors are encouraged to conduct at the end of the inspection.

Professional home inspections are becoming very routine, yet the home inspection industry is still growing. Home inspectors are needed in all parts of the country with increasing demands. Are you ready to begin your new career and join with others who have made the transition from working for others to working for yourself? If you are, then please contact Certified Inspection Training; we will help you make this transition!

We feel that we offer our students the best possible scenario for success. We at C.I.T. will make every effort to help our students become successful in their new career of home inspection.  Please give us a chance to serve you!