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Why Choose Certified Inspection Training?

C.I.T.’s educators are professional, certified, successful home inspectors. You’ll receive the best support possible from C.I.T., your instructor, and A.I.I.™.

The American Institute of Inspectors® (A.I.I.™) is a national, professional, non-profit trade association established for home inspectors. A.I.I.™ inspectors are committed to bringing consistency in reporting and to setting standards by which a home is to be thoroughly and properly inspected. In fact, A.I.I.™ inspectors often hear from our clients (both sellers & buyers as well as the real estate agents who represent them), “I can’t believe how thorough you are!”

It is our goal to serve all parties with diligence through impartial and accurate reports. A.I.I.™’s membership benefits include a national e-mail hotline of other member inspectors who often provide immediate feedback to all your technical and not-so-technical questions about the home inspection profession and a web-based Knowledge Base Forum for ongoing and past discussions of all the possible subjects having to do with the home inspection profession.  A.I.I.™ also hosts two continuing education conferences each year where you can learn about the newest changes in this profession.  This kind of training and support is unmatched by any other training company or association of home inspectors in North America. A.I.I.™ inspectors are changing the way real estate is inspected.

We feel that we offer our students the best possible scenario for success. We at C.I.T. will make every effort to help you become successful in your new career of home inspection.  Please give us a chance to serve you!